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Before I come to what is email marketing, I would like to ask: Do you know who sent the first email and how? The first e-mail is sent via ARPANET by Ray Tomlinson, the developer of the e-mail program. In the first e-mail text “QWERTYUIOP” was written. There may be an explanation for this message, though it may seem meaningless. Tomlinson created a scribble text by randomly clicking on the top letter combination of the QWERTY keyboard to test whether the e-mail system is active or not. The first e-mail was sent in 1971.

Although initially perceived as a part of communication, as a different model of correspondence, e-mail has gained a new dimension with the change and development of the needs of the internet and the most important technology. E-mail is now used not only for communication or information purposes, but also as a marketing tool. Let us now take a detailed review of this marketing model conceptualized as e-mail marketing.

What is E-Mail Marketing?

Email marketing, electronic mail; is a new generation form of marketing where it is used as a kind of direct marketing tool to deliver marketing messages to a certain audience. Especially with Web 2.0, e-mail marketing is improving; has become a more strategic, measurable, optimized and interaction-oriented digital marketing technique than before.

What are the Advantages of E-Mail Marketing?

There are many advantages of e-mail marketing, which brands frequently prefer in their digital marketing efforts. I’ll pass them from substance to substance with the intention of explaining them briefly. I will briefly explain each item and move on to the next chapter.

Cost Effect
E-mail marketing is cheaper than other digital marketing or traditional marketing activities. Since email marketing is generally sales oriented, the return of the spent budget is also possible.

Short Transmission Time
Since email marketing is focused on the target audience, the delivered message reaches the designated person or people instantly. This provides a great advantage for brands in such an age where speed determines competition conditions.

Ease of Tracking and Analysis
In email marketing, the process is very easy to follow. For example, it is easy to follow the e-mail marketing by which users send or delete the e-mail sent, which user reads the mail, and who shows the action in the e-mail. In addition, new e-mail marketing strategies can be developed by analyzing in the light of parameters such as gender, age, education level, country, province and district.

In email marketing, messages or messages can be delivered to a certain audience. Targeting is possible by categorizing the data (age, gender, location, education, etc.).

Thanks to the developed e-mail marketing tools, it is possible to send e-mail addressing people by name.


Email marketing is the most successful online marketing product in terms of conversion rates, given the action users take on email.

Disadvantages of E-Mail Marketing

So far, we have talked about the advantages of e-mail marketing or e-mail marketing for individuals and institutions. Now we will address the disadvantages of email marketing. As with any marketing model, there are disadvantages such as advantages in email marketing. Plan in email marketing, so it is important.

Although most companies do email marketing to their database or permission data, some companies mail to unauthorized data that they acquire or purchase in various ways. This behavior is called spam in the internet language. Spam does not only result in unsuccessful marketing of e-mail, but also negatively affects brand value.

Collective submissions, called spam e-mails, are still made in spite of the fixed and heavy penalties. E-mail marketing made in accordance with the rules of this type of submissions is also suspected. Even the companies that do this well are forced to struggle to prove the authenticity and lawfulness of their business as they are left in a difficult situation before the law.

Generally, users cannot determine whether the mail from a company is spam. The user feels that he / she is exposed to spam only when he / she receives intensive mail and uses various tools to prevent it. Therefore, having the permission on the data is not enough to avoid falling the spame. Brands that often have to send emails can get rid of spam by considering certain metrics.

Email Marketing Advice

E-mail marketing is especially important for e-commerce brands. I will now make a few suggestions on what methods to use in email marketing.

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