Supermarket POS

Thanks to the excellent integration of IOVAPOS with scales and cash registers, it creates both appropriate ownership conditions and the system is very easy to use by the boss without IT personnel. and grocery store to keep your stock in the easiest way.

  • You can increase the discount from the safe
  • Promotions can
  • You can keep your cashier under control by using the common pos application.
  • You can get paid in different currencies.
  • When receiving payment you can apply commission according to the status of the installment of credit cards and the bank.
  • You can sell your weighed product instantly by connecting check out scales in the safes.
  • You can use 2d barcodes for sales purposes.
  • You can make a sale by swiping a 2d barcode that contains the barcode of many weighed products that you buy from the scale.