Google Ads

What is Google Ads? How to use?

As one of the most effective strategies of digital marketing, Google Adwords will soon become Google Ads. So what is Google Ads? How to use? Are there any different sides to Adworods? In this article we will examine this topic.

Google Adwords is an advertising platform from Google. We have been providing training on this topic for a long time. It is known that the digital transformation and the dynamic nature of the digital world bring along innovations. Google is in a very innovative process in many vehicles lately. In this context, as of July 24, 2018, Google AdWords is the new name of Google Ads appears in the name. The new Google Ads brand actually aims to rise above adwords as perception. Because the words in the adwords brand (words) constitute the perception of word advertising. However, Google Adwords, beyond the word ads, digital advertising is a very leg. It includes many types of campaigns available, including search ads, display ads, mobile, gmail, app and video networks.

What are the Charges of Advertising on Google Ads?

The prices of ads in Google Ads vary instantly depending on certain metrics. This is measured by a metric we call Cost Per Click (CPC / CPC). CPC varies depending on the relevance of the ad, the search volume of the word you add, and the relevance and landing speed of your landing page. CPC may be less than the cost Google tells you. But there certainly won’t be more.

Google Ads offers you the opportunity to separate your own budget and show ads only until that budget is over. Thus, it is not possible to encounter unexpected results at the end of the month.