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OpenCart Dynamic Default Currency per Language – 3.x/4.x

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Introducing the Dynamic Default Currency per Language extension for OpenCart 3. Designed to empower your store’s multilingual capabilities, this OCMod-based solution allows you to assign a default currency to each language effortlessly, delivering a seamless shopping experience to your global customers.

Key Features:

Tailored Currency Selection: Customize your store’s currency offerings by associating each language with a specific default currency. When customers select their preferred language, the currency dynamically adjusts, eliminating currency confusion.

User-Centric Flexibility: While defaults provide a cohesive experience, we understand the importance of choice. Customers retain the freedom to change their currency preference if desired.

Universal Compatibility: Crafted for OpenCart 3, this extension utilizes the robust OCMod framework. It seamlessly integrates without altering core files, ensuring compatibility with various themes and setups.

Future-Proof and Versatile: Tested across all OpenCart 3 versions, this extension evolves with the platform, ensuring consistent performance as your store grows and updates.

Simplified Exploration: Our comprehensive documentation offers step-by-step guidance, making installation and customization a breeze. Visit our demo site to witness the extension in action and experience its impact.